One Thing I Learned Today
God, save me from the PINCHING!
My least favorite holiday in this country is St. Patrick's Day. For some reason, it allows near strangers the luxury and opportunity to pinch me just cause I flatly refuse to wear green. So either you have to submit to annoying gimmicks, or get abused at work.

St Paul is full of "Irish Catholics" who have decided they are as irish, plain and simple, dress up in green and use their fingers against others :(

Someone at work warned me yesterday that I needed to wear green--I told her I am a Green so I don't need to wear any. I hope that'll work all day...
Flower power, you hedgetrimming bastard
Holy shiznet, I'm leaving Scotland in 17 days. For why does this things happening of me? I've apparently turned on all of Scotland, as I'm starting to commit acts of passive defiance all around Edinburgh. I got yelled at yesterday for picking a bouquet of daffodils for Elias from the University grounds. Don't these people know about romance?! The good news is, I got away with the half-dozen or so flowers I had already picked. But we live *literally* across the street from the university, so every morning when I open the curtains I almost expect to see the old bugger giving me the eye from the flower garden, hedgetrimmers in hand. Someday at five in the morning I'm gonna go and take every single daffodil, put them in giant pots all around my front door, and then smile at him while watering the flowers.

And I wonder why no one will hire me.
Not really preventing fires
I learned today that fire code inspections really are pointless. We received a letter stating that we would be having a fire code inspection at 1 pm this past Saturday. Uhh...so I got out a big box, put all my candles in it, put back in the smoke detector (we can't even make toast with it in), and then put it all back up (or took it down again) 5 minutes after they left.

Oh well. Something to do, I guess.

On a different note--I went to see Amy Tan with my mom last night and she was really funny, except she kept talking about death--but I guess to lose her brother and dad both to brain tumors in the same year and then her editor and her mom in the same year would do something to a person. But she was very entertaining, which I guess will make up for The Bonesetter's Daughter.