One Thing I Learned Today
Today I learned that if I ever decide to own every film Martin Scorsese has ever made I will have to invest in a copy of Michael Jackson's greatest hits video. I know I'm a pop-culture illiterate, but am I the last person on earth to learn that Martin Scorsese directed the promo for Bad?
Glass Houses
Today I learned that Courtney's alma mater, Mount Holyoke College, has inspired a computer game on the internet.

Click here to play it.
Be different, be special, be-ard.
Yarrr!Hi guys! Yesterday I learned that University entz committees do have a sense of humour. (This may come across as being about "wacky" student antics that you feel you have grown out of, but they're my friends and I think it's funny, anyway! :) - I am employed by the uni and have friends who are students, in case you're wondering)

I can't remember how it all started, but sometime last year we were in the pub talking about creating amusing Student Union societies. Sock-soc came up, of course, but at some point we decided that an Old Man Beard Society would be funny.

At the bunfight (fresher's fair, or whatever) last autumn, my friends in the indie music society got exceedingly drunk whilst running their stall and decided to advertise an Old Man Beard Society at the same time, with a sign-up form and everything. Since then, we've had 2 or 3 pub crawls where everyone turns up either with a real beard or a imaginative hand-made one.

My friends then decided to go to the Clubs & Socs committee with a view to making it a real society. It couldn't be called "Old Man Beard Society" as that would be age-ist and sexist, but apart from that it was fine, and so the society went on probation. Yesterday the guys had their probationary meeting, armed with lots of silly Dave Gorman-esque facts, graphs and statistics, and somehow managed to persuade the committee to grant them full society status!

The pic is of me last night, being Cap'n Spooneye McSpoonbeard (a result of a conversation me and my girlfriend had at the weekend... don't ask!)
Strange scary puppet-thingies
Does everyone have Quizno's?? If so, has anyone else seen the scary commercial with the weird puppet things singing some strange, off-key song about subs that they actually have to subtitle?

me don't get.

me just a tinge scared.

Singing weird things don't make me crave subs...hmm...
Casey D. and the Temple of BOO
Hey, hey guys, remember the blog page? Is everyone on holiday to Majorca? Why wasn't I invited? Is it because I talk too much??

So the other day I went on a ghost tour, one of those underground walks in Edinburgh that scare the bejesus out of me. Yes, I no longer have any bejesus whatsoever. I've been known to overindulge in these tours, always hoping to see a ghost so that I get some rightful return for my bejesus. This is the first time anything has actually happened to me in the vaults...we didn't see any ghosts, unfortunately, but we heard some very funny noises, pounding and scratching and the like, and it was very cold. The whole story is long and I don't want to type it, but it was really quite horrible, and in the end the guide turned out to be the one who said "Right. We're leaving." Looking back on it now, I can't decide if my logic escaped me and I let myself be scared, or if I think that spirits, or energy, or something, can really be trapped somewhere. It's funny, coming from a country with such a short history, where most of the buildings are new and there's little to no evidence left undestroyed from life before whitey, as it were. Scotland seems so very old. I was pondering this with Elias over a hot chocolate at Favorit at three AM (thanks Liam for the recommendation). He said he has felt the same thing, only reversed, when he went from Lebanon to Australia. But we didn't come up with any conclusions. So the question I pose to everyone is: Are ghosts real? Just curious what everyone's opinions are.